Core cutting Machines

Standard Core Cutter
This machine is designed to cut most cardboard cores with walls of up to 25mm. The machine is available as a manual or automatic machine. The manual machine can be expected to cut 6 cores per minute. The machine is free standing and requires only a single phase power supply and can be configured for any voltage. The machine is supplied with a 76 (3”) adapter as standard and any other size can be manufactured. The machines are built and trailed in our factory and meet current safety standards and have a CE mark.


Specification Abbey design core cutters:

Max core length: 1600mm or 3200mm
Min Cut width: 10mm

Slitting method: 4" OD ¾" bore Rotary Cutter
Max Core diameter: 152mm ID Standard or 12” on large
Running speed: 6 cuts/min (manual)
Core size Available Standard: 2”, 70mm, 76 150 – 152 any other size available at extra cost in this range.
Core size Available Large: 2” - 12”
Motor Size: 1.125 Kw with 5:1 reduction gearbox

Input power: 240v single phase or 380 – 460 V 3 phase 50 0r 60Hz
(Please specify with order)
Controls: 24v DC or 110v.

GUARANTEE: 12 Months


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